2015-2016 Staff

Zahra Udaipurwala

Hi, I am Zahra Udaipurwala. I enjoy being a 14-year old at Quaker Valley Middle School. Apart from being clumsy, I spend most of my time doodling and doing student council. Doodling is one of my biggest passions, especially cr...

Esme Wilson

Esme Wilson is an eighth grade student at Quaker Valley Middle School.  She likes memes and cats.

Tom Forrest

Tom Forrest is the Library Media Specialist for Quaker Valley Middle School and the staff sponsor for Q.V. Ink.  He believes in the power of the written word and encourages all students to make their voices be heard. If you...

Matthew Hicks

I’m Matthew Hicks, I’m fourteen years old and in 8th grade. I enjoy writing, playing games of all types, reading, and just being with friends. I’m in the orchestra, with my cello, and I’m not too bad if I do say so myself....

Drew Huddleston

My name is Drew Huddleston, and my specialty is movies. Some of my favorite films include: Up, Back to the Future, E.T, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight, and Star War: The Empire Strikes Back. Other things I enjoy are reading, ...

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