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2017-2018 Staff

Mareena Musser

Staff Writer

Hey! I’m Mareena Musser and I’m a QVMS 7th grader. I love to bake, draw, and hang out with my friends and family. I hope to travel around the world as I am older. Also I love to write about things I care about.

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Brahm Gianiodis

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Brahm Gianiodis.  I am a 6th grader at QVMS, and I enjoy basketball and tennis.  I recently moved to the Sewickley area and continue to enjoy QV more and more.

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Olivia Gnad

Staff Writer

Hey! I'm a competitive Irish dancer and cellist who enjoys spending time with my friends, acrylic painting, and Hamilton: An American Musical.  You can find my articles in "Inked in Our Halls" and "Inked Out in the World."...

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David Graham

Staff Writer

My name is David Graham.  I am 14 and in 8th grade.  I play soccer and run cross country.  I love watching movies, particularly superhero ones.

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Hannah Steines-Wolfson

Staff Writer

Hello.  My name is Hannah.  I'm an 8th grade student at QVMS.  I like Harry Potter, anime, cosplay, Halloween, and D&D.

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Shawna Smith

Staff Writer

Hello!  My name is Shawna Smith, and I am in 7th grade at QVMS.  I like photography, Harry Potter, Halloween, and music.

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