Fiction Fun: A Short Story

Ana Bacchi, staff writer January 20, 2021

     I checked my phone, and it was midnight. I had to get home. It was raining. I couldn’t stand under the tree anymore. It was clear that she wanted nothing to do with me. I picked up my backpack...

Winter Craft: Sock Snowman!

Sofia DiCicco, staff writer January 20, 2021

Make something extraordinary for loved ones! You can learn how to make a Sock Snowman! Sock Snowman:  Take a (youth-sized) white sock, and fill it with stuffing. Tie at the top with a white...


Stevin Wallace , Creative Writer April 3, 2019

Underneath everyone’s skin There’s a little flower. Waiting to be free - To see the sun. No matter what color The skin is, There’s a delicate flower Beneath it. Waiting to...

An Ode to Friendship as Told Through Months of the School Year

Olivia Gnad, Editor April 3, 2019

It is August. As we sit in my room, The fan stirring humid air We mourn the summer, Longed for but swept away so soon.   It is September. We lug our backpacks over shoulders And...

You may want to check out: Pewdiepie

Ryan James, Staff Writer January 20, 2019

Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber who currently has the most subscribed YouTube channel with over 80 million subscribers based all around the world. Calling his fan base “The...

Video Game Review: Fallout 76

Video Game Review: Fallout 76

Koll Severson , Staff Writer January 20, 2019

Due to a nuclear war all over the world, Fallout takes place in a post-apocalyptic time in West Virginia. Creatures and humans have become exposed to too much radiation and have horrible mutations. Ghouls...

What superhero are you?

Stevin Wallace, Creative Writer January 20, 2019

Keep track of your answers as you take this quiz to find out what superhero you are! #1 Do you do any sort of community service? Yah, I do all sorts of community service projects!!! I’ve...

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