Video Game Review: Sushi Cat, Super Smash Bros, Slime Rancher

Video Game Review: Sushi Cat, Super Smash Bros, Slime Rancher

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

Sushi Cat

This game…well I’m not sure how to describe it. Actually I do. OK, so you have a cat, right? He starts out small, and when he runs into problems, he eats sushi to get bigger and bigger, then uses his size to solve his problems. Because sushi solves all your problems, so start eating it. Complete harder stages and keep on eating. And eating. And…you get the idea. Stop volcanoes from erupting, defeat the evil dog who stole your love, and use size to your advantage. You play with your mouse, choosing a position to fall (You literally hold him with chopsticks), let go, watch him fall and use the powerup sushi you collect! In newer versions, collect golden sushi to unlock cool and funny costumes. Pro tip: choose the best, most accurate place to fall, because you have three lives per level, but as you eat more sushi with one cat, you get bigger. The bigger you are, the more points you rack up when you fall in the points bin. The points bins are chinese food buckets (I think?) and you want to land in a one-hundred or a doubled two-hundred bin to get max points! Complete a bunch of levels and become the…to be honest, I don’t know. Sushi-eating king? Fat cat? A health risk?

Super Smash Bros

Nintendo fan? Fight with an arsenal of playable characters from the Nintendo franchise! Battle friends, NPCs, and family in 1-4 players. Team up with other players and battle with lives, score, targets, boards, and much more! Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Star Fox and more are included in the characters. Grab a beam sword, steel diver, or get exploded by a bomb-omb! Use your characters unique abilities to lead them to final battles against Master Hand, Crazy hand, or the Master Cores. Set NPC difficulties high or low depending on your style! Go through tournaments and fight other players around the world to become the champion!



Slime Rancher

 Capture slimes in your vac-pac and get food like Hen-Hens, carrots, and Pogofruit. Pink slimes and Phosphor slimes are friendly enough, but feeding the others plorts to small slimes will create Largos, which are bigger slimes with the advantages and disadvantages from both of the previous slimes. Phosphor slimes dissaperate in daylight, Boom Slimes explode then come back to explode again. Rad slimes are, well, radiation slimes, and many more. Some slimes are dangerous, like Feral slimes, which are aggressive slimes. Feeding ferals will make them peaceful. Tarr are created by a lot of mixtures, (You’ll have to find out yourself!) and are a main threat to slimes and ranchers. Shoot them with the purchasable water part of your vac-pac, shoot them into water, or create water cannons which blast them. Your vac-pac cannot fit Tarr or Largos, but will instead hold them in front of you. Rad slimes will still radiate you, Boom slimes will still explode, and ferals and Tarr will still bite. Unless you shoot them out before they can do that. Feed your slimes the proper diet and find more hen-hens and slimes! Feed gordos till they POP! Open crates and feed slimes! Make trades! GET IT! It’s a five-star rating! Oh, and get used to the occasional missing Hen Hen. Don’t trust the hunter slimes. Don’t!