Things to Do When It’s Cold Out: Sledding

Brahm Gianiodis, Staff Writer

You know the days in December, January and February when your parents say, “Wear a heavy jacket to school. It’s 15 degrees out!”  On the weekend you can’t just sit inside, so here are about five places in our area that will fill your bitter cold winter with fun.

Sledding in our area is filled with big and steep hills here are 5 sledding hills within an half hour.  This list will show information about the slope, distance in minutes and what the ground material is.

  1. The closest hill is Quaker Valley High School has a 60 degree slope and is grass and dirt.  
  2. The next closest is Blueberry Hill Park in Wexford 16 minutes away. It is a 60 degree slope that is grass.  
  3. The 3rd closest is Westview sledding in Westview 19 minutes away, and is a 55 degree slope that is entirely grass.  
  4. The next is Knob Hill Park in Wexford which is 20 minutes away. It is only a 35 degree slope, but there are multiple jumps, and it is completely grass.  
  5. The last sledding hill is Dormont Park, which is 25 minutes away in Pittsburgh.  It is a 55 degree slope and is grass.

That was 5 places where you can sled in the Pittsburgh area.  I personally have only sledded at Quaker Valley High School. I recommend sledding there because of the steep hill and the fast speeds you can hit.  All the information in this article came from