Video Game Reviews: Big Tower Tiny Square, Portal, Tiny Heist, Undertale

Video Game Reviews: Big Tower Tiny Square, Portal, Tiny Heist, Undertale

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

Big Tower Tiny Square

In this game, you are a tiny square making your way up the big tower (duh, its title screen says that) wall, jumping and parkouring your way up to the top so you can save your pineapple, which was stolen by the big square. They even made a sequel called “Big ice tower tiny square,” where it’s even harder than the first game because you slide on the ice,and you have to time your jumps more carefully.

Back to the first game: You must avoid the cannons shooting at you, jumping over lava, timing jumps, dodging saws, a lot of trial and error, and swimming through water. Not your kind of game if you get angry and rage-quit easily. Normally, I can play through games like Geometry Dash (When people say, “Trial and error,” they mean it) and Skyrim (Dragons are so cruel) without getting too angry or trying to desperately calm down. Whose idea was this to invent this game again? So much trial and error I feel like I’m going to explode, and many that make it far in the game will understand me after getting sliced or burned right there on the spot multiple times. Thankfully, on the bright side, there are checkpoints, which will bring you back to life at that spot when you die until you hit another checkpoint. Can’t get to a certain height in the game? The purple are elevators and won’t harm you (Thank goodness) or you could wall jump! Well, good luck surviving all those second-degree burns and the scratches from the countless saws and blasts from a cannon. So many tries, so many fails, it only gets better!


OK, you have to admit you always wanted a portal gun, where you shoot one shot then another one, and if you go through either the orange or the blue one, you will end up in the other one. Hooray! There are many puzzles to solve and platforms to jump on. You must complete codes and move companion cubes to where they need to be, like on pressure plates or against buttons. You can only create portals on white walls because if you try to do it on a different color one, it won’t work, and where the portal is supposed to be, a little “zap” will be heard, and electricity sparks will shoot from the ground.

Want more levels and multiplayer action? Try Portal 2! You can only play with friends because all the puzzles require another person. But solve puzzles and levels together, and do that old troll where you put a portal above and below them, making them fall endlessly!

Tiny Heist

In this game, you’re a robber (I think?) trying to progress up the tower, with a couple of secrets on the way. Avoid the lights of cameras, dogs, guards, and robots to go undetected. It’s WAY harder than it sounds, trust me on this one. Stay in the same room too long and Guard bots that already know where you are will appear and will shoot you if you go into their red beams. Upgraded cameras will see you even better, so learn their patterns. Guards won’t open closed doors unless a camera sees you. Use power ups like pistol, banana peel, box (Metal gear solid reference!), skateboard, medkit, you name it! Use the green key to get through the green door (Duh), head up the stairs to get higher (Duh #2), and collect gems to buy items from the shopkeeper! Enjoy this game with the limitless items to steal! 


Man, people are gonna probably complain because I am doing some old games. Don’t care though, so let’s get on with it. In this game, you’re a child named Frisk who has fallen into the underground, a place where monsters were sealed by a magical barrier created by the humans when they had a war. Now, you must survive and escape the underground and make it to the surface. Multiple endings, tons of Easter eggs, secrets everywhere. Fight easy monsters and hard bosses. Slay them all and meet a character at the end (Lol it’s Chara). Spare them all and, if you do it correctly, you’ll fight Asriel Dreemurr. Neutral endings may cause Omega Flowey to fight you. What a annoying boss. Fast attacks, attacks ricochet off walls.

Huge world to explore, storyline to uncover, bosses have different attacks and dialogue depending on what you do. Oh, by the way, when goat mom, uh, I mean Toriel asks you to stay in a certain room and goes shopping, KILL ALL THE MONSTERS IN THE ROOM. Walk around in circles a couple of times and do this over and over again. If you do this correctly, then whenever you’re going to a fight scene, it should say: “But nobody came…”, then leave the room and do the puzzles as following and complete the story from there.