QVMS Hockey Season Update


Alaina Cain, Staff Writer

Quaker Valley Middle School’s hockey team is in the midst of their season.  Team captain Ryan Murphy and assistant captain Hayden Earlewine discussed their opinions on the season.

When asked how the current season is going, Earlewine said, “The season has been okay, we currently have a ‘4 in 4’ record.  The games we’ve won have been blowouts, so basically we’ve beaten the other team by a lot. But the games we have lost have also been blowouts. So there hasn’t been any really close games.”

Despite the blowouts, the team still has room for improvement.  Murphy commented, “We need to as a team work on our passing and getting the puck into the offensive zone, but our defense is pretty solid.”  

The team wants to make these improvements so they can accomplish their major goals of the season.  As Earlewine said, “We want to make it to the playoffs.  Last year we got knocked out in the first round.  But also middle school hockey more about learning. So basically just about getting better as a team.”

The team captain and assistant captain shared their favorite season memory.  For Murphy, “My best memory was when we were playing Hampton and I took a one timer – it was top shelf.  We ended up winning the game.”  Earlewine’s memory was a bit more personal, as his favorite memory was becoming assistant captain.

The team plays their home games either at Baierl Ice Arena or RMU.  Most away games are played somewhere in the Pittsburgh area.  Their season ends in March. Their next game on Friday at 8:20 at the Ice Castle Arena, so make sure you go and support the team.