Video Game Reviews:,, Nyan Cat

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

You’ve heard of it, at least. This game is a fun time-using game to be played free on computers or downloaded for free on a mobile device. Constantly competing to get to the leader board with players always breathing down your neck, this might give you pressure if you’re on the well-earned leaderboard. In the mobile version, you can go against NPC, computer-controlled characters that are easy to defeat and aren’t that hard to get you on the leaderboard. Go against real people for competition, and get a well-deserved spot right on that leaderboard! It is hard, though . . . and I’ve gotten 6th place! Hooray for me! If an NPC or player hits your tail with their head, then they will disintegrate, leaving behind glowing orbs that usually match their color of skin. If YOUR head hits an enemy snake’s body, you will disintegrate, and your orbs you collected will be theirs. Randomly generated orbs will appear, but don’t grow your body as much. This is how you grow yourself in the start of the game, then you rely on the enemy’s orbs to grow bigger and better. Orbs will make you bigger and wider, and some players are HUGE! Now, get into the game and collect all the orbs you can carry! (Please don’t yell at me saying snakes don’t have arms. Wait. Did they once have arms? Or is their body an arm? This is really confusing now.), an old hit before or any other of the million .io games. It was pretty fun, but judging from the newest and best .io games, it’s not too good. Like, you must collect orbs to grow in size. Pressing space on a computer will split you in half, but you must wait a bit before you can regroup. There is a limit to splitting, though, for you don’t want to become microscopic, do you? Maybe you do, for it’s easier to hide from incoming enemies. The bigger you are, the more people you can eat. You can only eat people that are bigger than you, so don’t go trying to eat the biggest person out there.

Spiky green circles are bad if you’re big and good if you’re small. If you’re small, you can go inside them and can’t be seen. If you’re bigger than the green circle, touching it will split you into tons of tiny b-versions of you. Like I said before, pressing space if you’re a larger size will make you split into tinier versions of yourself, right? Well, the green circle will make you REALLY small.

When you split, you don’t lose parts of yourself, though. You multiply, so it’s good if you’re really big because you’re really slow and a person who’s small and faster are getting away, you can get them. I’ve had this happen to me, and it’s not fun to feel really good when you escape, then they shoot another version of themselves at you and eat you whole. There are also hidden skins for your character, and all you have to do is name yourself the thing you want to be, and you may look like it, like a Doge or Sanic, and your character will have that look on them.

Nyan Cat

Jeez, how many memes are there about Nyan? It’s insane! This was originally a song about, well, I don’t know, but it’s pretty catchy. Anyways, this has been turned into a couple different games.

Nyan Cat: Lost in space:

This game is pretty good, where you click or press spacebar to jump, or double jump, avoiding evil versions of Nyan Cat, or as they are called, Tac Nayn (which is Nyan Cat spelled backwards), and dogs in spacecrafts. You can also collect power ups, like a rocket ship for Nyan, or a magnet to suck up the treats, and gems that double points or make you invulnerable. Some platforms disappear once you stand on them, and some will bounce you up high in the air. Collect stars for more points, and if your hit by a veggie, you have three lives, and if you lose one you can always find another.