Kiva Update

Keira Currier, Staff Writer

Mr. Doucette has promised over $25,000 in the school’s Kiva account by the end of the year. The account has already gained $5,000 over the course of one trimester. The “Kiva Crew” has been working hard to take the account above and beyond the goal. Many exciting events have been planned to assist the school in raising money for the less fortunate.

Mr. Doucette has recruited trustworthy students to plan and execute fundraiser events. These students have been nicknamed “The Kiva Crew.” Most of the fundraising events will take place outside of school, but students and their families can participate.

There has already been a Kiva booth at Light Up Night in Sewickley, along with an information table at Parent/Teacher Conferences. The “Kiva Crew” has also planned a Christmas photoshoot and an online auction for later this year.

According to Hope Linge, a member of the “Kiva Crew,” the Kiva Booth at Light Up Night was successful and many people made donations. The booth sold ice cream sandwiches, Kiva buttons, and raffle tickets that gave customers a chance to win a Juju Smith-Schuster signed jersey. The winner of the Juju Smith-Schuster signed jersey was pulled at the Christmas Spirit Assembly.

Mr. Doucette said, “The importance of Light Up Night was more to get more people informed, and judging by that, we were very successful.”

As some may know, Mr. Doucette is retiring at the end of this year. He has made the decision to auction and raffle everything in his room, with an exception of a few items that he cherishes. Each month, one of the valuable items will be raffled off.  Next month, three Penguins Hockey packages will be sold through a lottery grid. A lottery grid consists of 100 squares. Each square costs money and one square is randomly chosen. The owner of the winning square wins the package. Each package will contain a  Sidney Crosby autograph along with two tickets to a Penguins game and $40 for PPG Paints Arena food. In the months following, a few of the items to be sold and raffled include an original-cast signed Hamilton poster along with a Hamilton picture collection book and a “Taylor Swift Package” containing an autograph, two floor tickets to her Reputation concert, two stand tickets, a Red Tour letterman jacket, and $100 to spend on anything of your choice. See Mr.Doucette to buy raffle tickets or lottery squares.

Emma Smith and Nikita Venkatasamy assisted Mr. Doucette in planning a photoshoot for families to get family photos for Christmas cards. They spent time organizing dates, signup sheets, props, and decorations. Families signed up to take pictures in the community room. All of the profits from the photoshoot will go to Kiva. Emma and Nikita said, “There was some difficulty in signing families up to take photos,” but they overcame this difficulty and made a lot of profit from this occasion. Much time and effort went into planning this big event, and it all payed off.

The QVMS Kiva account is growing at an astonishing rate. Mr. Doucette and his Kiva Crew have been working very hard. If this rate continues, there is no telling how many people can be helped around the world.