Looking Back on the QVMS Musical

Mareena Musser, Staff Writer

“Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” says seventh grader Ava Maha as she stands on stage. Ava, who played Dorothy Gale in the recent Quaker Valley Middle school production of the Wizard of Oz, sang her heart out during the shows in the first weekend of December.

The club is missed by all of the cast and it was sad to see it end. It is missed most because of the friendships made through the club. “I miss the kind of community feeling, being able to be with everyone in an organized way so you know there is always someone there. It’s just a big group that everyone always has fun in,” says eighth grader Maddox Cannon, who played the Wizard. Braedan Steffey, who played the Tin man, echoed Cannon’s thoughts, saying “I miss all the friends I made during the musical.”  

The musical took months of preparation and lots of rehearsals. Rehearsals started in September and lasted until November.  Costumes and props took hours to get each one ready, with producer and head of costumes, Mrs. Oros, taking time for each one. High school choreographer, Katie Rostek, made sure each step was exactly right.

“The hardest part about choreographing is making sure your steps are fresh dance to dance. It’s important to keep visual interest in the work, or everything feels boring,” says Rostek. Rostek also said, “My favorite part is watching the show when it’s over. There’s something to be said about watching the work that you created be performed, especially if you care for the people who are performing.”

The show ended up being a huge success with perfect costumes and props.

“I think that Dorothy’s costume was really accurate,” says Mary Pangburn who played the Wicked Witch. Miralhi Taylor-Martin, Glinda, said, “I think the Wicked Witch’s costume was spot on.” Maddox Cannon and Ava Maha both said they thought the Scarecrow’s costume had the most detail and time put in.

During the first show on Friday, December 1, the cast did not think the crowd would be large because it was Light Up Night and a QV high school football game. When the cast went on stage they saw a huge turn out and it was almost a full house. Both Saturday shows had huge crowds almost selling out. The cast went on to celebrate after their Saturday night show at the St. James Gym for the cast party. There was lots of dancing and having a good time with good friends.

“I miss seeing the cast every day, it was just a wonderful environment,” said Katie Rostek. Not only Katie but also all of the cast and crew were truly astounded by the work the students accomplished. It was a marvelous performance done by the Quaker Valley Middle School and the club will be for sure missed.

Here are some fun facts about the cast:

  • Mary’s favorite color is blue
  • Miralhi has never been to a beach
  • Braedan broke his leg when he was seven months old
  • Ava loves Crocs
  • Maddox’s favorite color is yellow