Video Game Reviews: Plants vs. Zombies & Creativerse

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

Plants vs. Zombies

Ahhh, I love the smell of spring. Freshly cut lawns, beautiful flowers and plants, and thousands upon thousands of zombies just itching to get my brains. Wait, what?

A very poplar game with a huge amount of gameplay. It has tons of plants to play with while you try to think of the best strategy, while also testing out the plants’ abilities! It originally was going to be an April Fool;s joke, but it hit huge success once the game creators decided to give it a shot and release it to public. Now, PVZ #1, #2, PVZ Garden Warfare #1, and Garden Warfare #2 exist. The first two Plants vs. Zombies allowed you to collect plants and create whole defenses. Also, once you beat the game, you can replay it with all the plants! Although the first game cost money and the second game doesn’t, I prefer the first one, as you have to pay money to get most of the characters. But, in garden warfare, you get starting characters, play as them, and fight players online with your player. Buy sticker packs, which unlock new characters and let you plant plants. This game is definitely recommended for those who like to try to collect tons of items and try their powers out. It is rated Everyone 10 and up and is packed with mini-games to play when you’re sick of storylines in the 1st and 2nd games and missions for Garden Warfare 1 and 2.


This game is awesome! It’s almost like Minecraft, except the graphics are better and you’re on an alien planet where just about anything will kill you at nighttime. Actually, correct that, every NPC will kill you at night. You start with a teleporter.  If you put it down when you’re far away from home, you can go back to home immediately!

With your in-game money, you can buy blueprints, which show you how to build cool structures, and create the buildings. Also, if you don’t want to create a building, just go with your imagination, and build whatever you want.

The game is on Steam, where you can get it for FREE, unless you want the pro version, which lets you have +100 stamina, wings, +60 inventory space, and your own personal flashlight. PFFFFFFT. Not needed! You hardly run out of stamina, and even if you do, you just get it back quickly. Running out of space in your backpack? Just teleport home, drop of your stuff, and go back! Need your own personal flashlight? TORCHES ARE SO EASY TO GET.

“But Koll,” you may argue, “what about those wings?”

Well . . . I would like a pair, but you jump high enough already, and sprint really fast, so, to say the least, PFFFT, don’t need ‘em. BUT, it’s not up to me on your decision. Try the game out and see if you really DO need the extra stuff. But don’t buy the pro version if you haven’t even tried the game yet.