Steelers vs Patriots Week 15 Preview

Brahm Gianiodis, Staff Writer

This week’s game is a must win for either team.  The Steelers are 11-2 and looking for home field advantage in the playoffs.  The Patriots are coming off a crushing loss to the Dolphins in Miami.  The Patriots are 10-3 and are led by Tom Brady and his consistency. The Patriots’ quarterback is a solid 67% and also has 3,365 yards with 27 TD’s.  

The Steelers are led by powerhouse running back Le’veon Bell and 5 time Pro Bowler Antonio Brown.  The Steelers are trying to bring back the Steel Curtain, but the defensive line is borderline average with 41 sacks.  This statistic is one sack under last year’s average.  Ben Roethlisberger is a little bit behind Tom Brady with 63% and 3,744 yards with 24 TDs.  

New England’s running game is a lot different from Pittsburgh’s.  The Patriots’ is average with 2 or 3 average running backs who generate between 50 to 75 yards a game.  Leading the Patriots in carries and yards is Dion lewis who averages 5.1 yards a game with 3 TD’s. The Steelers, however, have a superstar in Le’veon Bell and no one else to back him up.  Le’veon Bell averages 3.9 yards per carry and 7 TD’s. Don’t let the 3.9 fool you: he is used 20 to 25 times a game, which is tough for a NFL running back.  

The Patriots top receiver is Rob Gronkowski.  A tight end who has 15.4 yards per catch and 7 TDs.  The steelers top wide receiver is Antonio Brown who has 15.1 yards per catch with 9 TDs.  

This will be a tight match with a lot of stakes. Which team will pull of the AFC clincher?