Video Game Reviews: Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

Almost everyone has played a video game before, and most thought the experience was fun. We’ll out some of the most well-rated video games of history (okay, maybe not history . . .).

Super Mario Brothers 

Definitely recommended. A classic hit that has existed since 1981. Constantly evolving in gameplay, this game has always added new power-ups and abilities for Mario, your main character, a little plumber trying to save a princess from an evil lizard, called Bowser. In addition the the great level and platforming, there are little enemies that walk around also trying to harm Mario, from little Goombas, to the infamous Koopas, plus new enemies to the newer games. It’s not always a piece of cake, but with the help of some power-ups, Mario will be able to fight the boss, Bowser. With eight worlds, bosses for each world, so many enemies to defeat and coins to collect, and a E for everyone, the fun never ends! Until the moment you lose all of your lives.

Sonic the Hedgehog

A little game that’s really fast paced. The game has great platform action and good storylines. Not ALL Sonic games are good, however. If you get motion-sick, beware. It can be a nightmare to keep track of your character if you sprint at full speed in the old version of the game. They don’t call him “Sonic” for nothing. In this game, you spin and destroy the many robots that the main enemy has created. Inside these robots are tiny animals that have been encased inside and are forced to work. In the newer games, the main objective is to free the animals stuck inside containers. The game is rated everyone, and is fun for a lot of people. As long as you don’t have a severe case of motion sickness.


Admit it. You’ve played it at least ONCE. And, by your judgement, it was either really good or really bad. If you’re reading this still, you probably think it was really good. To survive, you must kill animals, fight off monsters, and craft many items. Many groups of people have created very, very interesting builds. In this world, everything is breakable (besides bedrock), but to get it all, you need better tools. And if you’re bored of just surviving, try creative mode! Have unlimited resources and access to all blocks in the game (Spoiler: some cheats may be needed to get certain items . . .). Also, you can fly and instantly break any block you hit, including bedrock! Yay! MORE broken fingers! Yay? . . . Apparently you can break wood with your BARE FISTS. Bored of the same non-modded Minecraft? Get a mod! It adds a bunch of new items or mobs, depending on the mod you get. Or a map! Maps like herobrine’s mansion, a classic, will add a adventure for you to complete, like certain things to build or explore and battle. Unfortunately, this game costs money, but it is WORTH it! With a playstation, Xbox 360, or an Xbox one, you can play split screen! With a friend! Even MORE fingers to break! Ouch.