Why QVMS is Missing America’s Pastime

Brahm Gianiodis, Staff Writer

You might realize that QVMS only has a soccer, basketball, football, and wrestling team. Do you know what this school is missing . . . a baseball team.  Nobody has ever heard the phrase, “QVMS baseball team playing a game next Monday.”  The main reason: Playing area. The football and soccer teams can just walk out and practice on the turf field next to the school.  The basketball team can go inside to the gym and practice there.  However, that is not the case for a potential baseball team. 

I spoke with Athletic Director Mr. Mastroianni about the issue.  He has been a athletic director for a total of 32 years including a prior 23 years as an Assistant Athletic Director at Carnegie Mellon University.  He has supervised all 37 Quaker Valley teams for 9 years.  He says when it comes to making a team, there are many factors, such as student interest, facilities, and long term sustainability.  He also said that he “is neither for nor against a baseball team,” but it doesn’t fit the program at Quaker Valley.  He states the reason for not having a baseball team is because, “Traditionally it was not a sport offered at the middle school level at Quaker Valley.”  The school does not have a team, but the community baseball program, QVRA, fills the void.  

Based on Mr Mastroianni’s statements, I agree that long term sustainability is an issue.  But since there are not many middle school level baseball teams in our area,  that is also an issue. I interviewed 6th grade baseball player, Michael Ponzo.  He has played for the QVRA for 7 years. He says he enjoys it because the fields are in good condition, and they get to play lots of games. He said he would definitely join a QVMS baseball team though because “It would be a great experience for me.”