Signing Up for Kiva 5K Will Earn You A Donut, But It Will Also Help Someone In Need Restart

Olivia Gnad, Staff Writer

At the mention of Kiva, you may envision 5K races, blue certificates, and sweet treats, but there is so much more to the story of Quaker Valley Middle School’s involvement in Kiva.

Out of 2,000 schools in the world participating in Kiva donations, Quaker Valley Middle School is 24th. According to Mr. Doucette, seventh grade history teacher and major coordinator for the Kiva 5K, we’re on track to move into the top 20 this year.

This is a serious accomplishment, considering that QVMS has been involved for only four years — far less time than other top schools.

Mr. Doucette’s goal is to “see us raise over 25,000 dollars in our account and over 50,000 dollars in loans by the end of this year.”

This goal will only be achieved with the involvement of all grades. Currently, there are 41 sixth graders and 27 seventh graders signed up (eighth grade forms have not been tallied yet), but Mr. Doucette aims to have over 50 per grade. In his opinion, “It’s a little too early to know [how many will eventually register].”

Some students may be wondering why they should give their time and donations to the charity. Aside from getting donuts this Friday, Mr. Doucette said Kiva is “a great organization that gives people money, and you’re able to give that same money out to other people [besides the person you first donated to]. It also makes the people receiving the money feel a little better about themselves because they actually give the money back. So there isn’t a ‘you owe me’ mentality that sometimes could be felt in some charities.”

The cutoff for registration in order to participate in this Friday’s Donut Day is Wednesday, but students can continue to sign up and support the cause until the race. The fourth annual Kiva 5K is Tuesday, June 5th at 8:00 AM at Quaker Valley Middle School.