Halloween Costume Help

Shawna Smith, Staff Writer

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Picture this: It’s the week before Halloween, and you’re super excited.The only issue? You don’t have any idea how to get started on your costume. You don’t even know what you’re going to be. This may be a problem…

The sad thing is, this is a reality for some people.With both Scream Scene at the Sewickley Public Library and, well, Halloween, right around the corner, you will need a costume. And fast. But fear not my friend, here are some ideas for last minute Halloween costumes.

Scary/ Creepy costumes

Ever heard of the show “The Addams Family”? If so, how about little Wednesday? All you need to make this costume is a black dress, a white collared shirt, black knee-high socks and some black shoes. For some extra detail, add white bows to the socks and carry around a creepy doll.

As you have probably heard, the Stephen King book It has recently been made into a popular movie. If you really want to give everyone a good scare this year, you could dress up as a clown, creepy or not. You will need some face paint (mainly white, red, and blue), colorful clothing, maybe a wig, and some red shoes.

Group Costumes

Powerpuff! A great group costume would be the Powerpuff girls. All you need to do is round up 2 of your closest friends and start shopping! You need a pink dress for Blossom, a blue one for Bubbles, and green for Buttercup. Add a black belt to the dresses, wear some black shoes, put in a hair bow for Blossom, and you and your group are good to go!

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, you know the rest. For Halloween this year, consider being the witches from the classic movie Hocus Pocus! The witch with the red hair wears a green dress with a pendant necklace, the one with the blonde hair wears a tan dress with red sleeves, and the one with brown hair (in a bun) wears an orange dress. Don’t forget to take your broomsticks with you! For an extra touch, add a cape that corresponds to the witch’s dress color.


This costume is an easy one. Dominoes! All you need is some black clothes, plain white paper, and something circular to trace. Cut out as many circles as you would like and tape them onto the shirt. Repeat these simple steps on each shirt using varied numbers of white circles. Just be careful whenever you and your friends are all wearing your costumes, if one of you falls down, all of you fall down.

Duo Costumes

Two words. Taco. Bell. Well, Belle, actually. One person dress as a taco and the other as Belle, as in the character from the movie Beauty and the Beast. For the taco, you can easily buy a costume at almost any store that carries Halloween costumes or make one. Make the shell out of cardboard painted a tan color, then wear some brown for the meat, green for lettuce, red for tomatoes, and whatever else you would like on your taco! For Belle, simply wear a yellow dress and carry a rose.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, grab a friend and go as Harry and the Golden Snitch. For Harry, all you need is a black shirt and pants, round glasses, face paint or makeup (for the scar), and a red and yellow striped tie. If you can’t find a striped tie, get either a red or yellow one and paint stripes on it.  You can even bring a broomstick if you like. For the snitch, wear all yellow (or gold!), make some wings out of posterboard that can be found at the dollar store, and paint some gold markings on your face.

It’s me, Mario! For Halloween this year, a super easy costume would be Mario and Luigi. For Mario, wear a red shirt with dark colored shorts, a skirt, or pants. Add a hat with a letter M painted or taped on it and some suspenders. For Luigi, do the same thing but replace the red with green and the letter M with a letter L.

Funny Costumes

This is probably one of the most classic and easy to make costumes of all times. You guessed it, a ceiling fan. All you need is a plain shirt and some markers (fabric or permanent markers work best). Write “Go Ceiling” on the shirt with a black marker and, well, that’s it!

It’s Jake. From State Farm.  All you will need for this costume is a red shirt, khakis, black shoes, and a name tag (which can easily be made out of paper). If you can get your hands on one, wear a headset or even a pair of headphones.

Pet Costumes

Why not let your favorite furry friend get in on the fun? For a super easy and adorable pet costume, take a piece of red poster board and fold it in half. Cut it into a heart shape, careful not to cut the paper on the fold. When you’re finished, you should have 2 hearts that are connected on one side. Open up the shape and write your pet’s name and birthday inside. Close the heart and write “Ty” on the outside. Attach it to a piece of yarn or string and tie it loosely around your pet’s neck. Wow, they’re cuter than the original Beanie Babies!


If you couldn’t decide on a costume for the season this year, hopefully this article helped you. Happy Halloween!