Holiday gift do’s and don’ts

Gabi Schultz, Sydney Moraca, Keely Stockdale, and Emma Pulkowski

Have you ever had a hard time picking out the perfect gift for that perfect friend (or that perfect someone)? Have you ever gotten the wrong thing for someone? Well, you better hurry because the Christmas countdown has began, and it is time to start thinking about gifts.

Guys are always hard to buy for, but here are some gift ideas that they will not want to return.

New video games will never get old with guys. I mean, when are guys not playing video games? Another good gift idea is hair gel. Many guys use lots of hair gel, but make sure to know which kind they use because getting the wrong one can lead to a bad hair day!

If you are not looking to spend a lot of money, fresh whipped spicy memes are for you! Memes are one of the most popular things in middle schools right now, so make one for your friend and they will greatly appreciate it. If you are not creative and can not make a dank meme, go see Liam Cain for the spiciest of all memes!

For wearables, Nike Elites are a trendy and affordable gift for a guy. What’s better than new socks? Since everyone knows how cold winters can get here, hats are a good option, too.

Boys tend to be very picky about their gifts, so here are some presents to be sure to steer clear of this year! Most guys prefer video games over books (editorial note: sad), so unless he is into reading, let him chose his own book. Another gift that a guy is likely to return is a decoration for his room, because when it comes to decorations, guys just really don’t care.

Also, sweaters would be classified as a Christmas Gift Don’t. Let them pick it out themselves; some sweaters are just awful.

Finally, school supplies for Christmas are definitely something to not invest in. Christmas is a time to get away from school, so try to stay away.

Girls are pretty picky when it comes to gifts, but we love stuff from the heart. Here are some gift ideas that will make a girl smile.

The first ones are Lush products; bath bombs are always a great and relaxing choice. What’s better than smelling good while feeling calm and zen?

If you are drawing a blank, you can never go wrong with gift cards. The best gifts cards are Starbucks, American Eagle, or ask her about her favorite store.

Another great option is jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets can go great with any outfit. Check out Alex and Ani bracelets; they can be personalized and special for you and your friend. Mugs are another choice. Not only does Starbucks have some amazing mugs, but you can fill them with candy and all sorts of small stuff that your friend will love.

There are many things that a girl will not want, though; those gifts will end up in the return pile. One is a phone case; lots of girls are picky about their phone case, so this might not be the best option. However, money towards a new one is something you could look into! Wallets and Purses are another thing to avoid.

Stuffed animals are not a good idea. Unless you have an inside joke or know someone that’s into that stuff, they are definitely something to steer clear of. Stuffed animals tend to take up space, sit in closets, and just get dusty.