The great candy rescue

New owners rescue Village Candy and, consequently, Sewickley's collective sweet tooth


Charlie Crane, Staff Reporter

Just recently, every jelly bean junkie, caramel connoisseur, and licorice lover had reason to rejoice with the grand reopening of Village Candy on Beaver Street.

When Doug Alpern, the longtime owner of Village Candy, decided that it was time to move on, the fate of the beloved candy store was in question.  However, like guardian angels, two sisters swooped in and saved the day, buying Village Candy before it was due to close permanently.

Those sisters, Carmela DiAndreth and Wendy O’Donnell, have a lot of passion for the store, too.  

“When we heard Village Candy was closing, my entire family was disappointed. Then, after talking to Doug, my sister and I decided to work together and keep Village Candy open,” said Ms. DiAndreth.  

After over a decade of running the cache of confectionaries, Alpern thought that was time to “turn the business over to someone with a renewed passion for candy.”

DiAndreth and O’Donnell rescued Village Candy from its near bitter demise (‘cause bitter is the opposite of sweet, get it?).  They were just in time, too, with the deal being made just a week before the sweet shop was due to permanently close its doors.

What saved the beloved shop, though, might surprise people.  “My favorite candy is the Chocolate-Dipped Gummi Bears.  In fact, that’s what sealed the deal [to buy Village Candy],” said Ms. DiAndreth.

As for any physical modifications, Village Candy “will remain the same for now”, said Ms. DiAndreth. However, she believes that the store will “look into some new products and product lines that they may introduce later.”

Many Quaker Valley students are positively thrilled that Village Candy is opening again, much to the joy of two 7th grade students, Markus Frank and Tyler Elchin. “It’s pretty convenient that a good-quality candy store is near me, that I can walk to from school,” said Frank.