Steelers Games Recap

Noah Ruiz , staff writer

     Here’s a recap on the Steelers December/early January games. We saw the Steelers first loss against Washington. The people who scored most from Washington were A. Smith the quarterback, P. Barber a running back, and L. Thomas a tight end. The Steelers seem to be not as good when they’re in colder temps and higher wind speed. This was the Steelers first loss of the season, which seemed to start a pattern because they lost again against the Bills. The highest scorers on the Bills were T. Kroft and J. Allen. We started to see the Steelers lose a lot more because right after the Bills, the Steelers lost again to the Bengals. The score was 27-17 in favor of the Bengals. After the loss against the Bengals, the Steelers finally took another win by defeating the Colts with the close score of 24-28. Then the Steelers luck started fading away for good; after the Colts game, the Steelers lost against the Browns. Then on January 10, we saw the Steelers make it to the playoffs in the first wildcard game only for the Steelers to lose again against the Browns by a score difference of 48-37. That concluded the football season for the Steelers.