QVMS: Meet These Teachers!

Rose Pocasangre, Staff writer

     Everyone knows that getting to know new people is one of the many highlights of going to our school. Every year, students and teachers have the chance to meet new people and new friends, and this year is no different in terms of that! I am pleased to formally introduce the teachers who have joined the QVMS staff this year. Keep reading to learn some interesting facts about teachers you may not know much about yet!

      Mrs. Zavadil is a 6th grade math teacher currently filling in for Mrs. Pennesi. Mrs. Zavadil was asked what her favorite part of teaching is, and she replied, saying that seeing students learn and understand new things gives her pride and joy. Her favorite subject in school has always been math. She says, “…when my mom would make me go read, I would secretly do math.” Mrs. Zavadil enjoys the logical thinking and problem solving you use while doing math. She says her favorite season is between summer and fall. The crisp air of the fall is refreshing and calming, and in the summer she can spend more time with her daughters.

       Mrs. Burgh is recently subbed in for Mrs. Nye teaching middle school chorus and orchestra. Mrs. Burgh had previously taught as an orchestra and band teacher at both Edgeworth and Osborne Elementary. Mrs. Burgh was asked what it’s like to be teaching again. She replied, saying that she has enjoyed seeing her former students again and to meet new ones. She also enjoyed working with Ms. Benigini. Mrs. Burgh is also grateful she got to help Mrs. Nye by helping students while she recuperated at home. Mrs. Burgh says that her favorite instrument is a very tough pick. She says that flute was the first instrument she learned, so it’s close to her heart. However, she says in her adult life she has learned and enjoys playing lots of different instruments, including your voice! Mrs. Burgh says her favorite seasons are all of them because they each have a different feeling to them. She describes the seasons with colors and feelings. However, she says that construction season is definitely not her favorite season!

      Ms. Mencini is a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher. Ms. Mencini says her favorite part of teaching is all of the students and teachers. “The kids are so kind, respectful, creative, and fun…” she says. Ms. Mencini is also very grateful that all of the other teachers are there to help and support her whenever she needs it. She is excited to come to work each and every day. Ms. Mencini’s favorite subjects in school were Reading and English. She says this shouldn’t be too surprising, considering she is an ELA teacher! Ms. Mencini enjoys the season, fall. She loves how it’s cool outside but not freezing!  

      Mr. Nemeth is a Health and Physical Education teacher at QVMS. He was asked what his favorite part of teaching is. He says that seeing students improve and develop confidence in their physical abilities is very rewarding. “It’s the greatest job in the world!” he says. Mr. Nemeth’s favorite subjects in school were Physical Education and History. He really enjoyed being active during the school day, but also liked learning about history and our past. Mr. Nemeth confidently says that fall is his favorite season. “…it’s hard to beat the leaves changing colors in the fall,” he says.

      That’s a wrap for this article! Thank you so much to Mrs. Zavadil, Mr. Nemeth, Ms. Burgh, and Ms. Mencini for participating in the interviews for this article. Also, thank you to these teachers for being amazing here at Quaker Valley Middle School! I hope you learned a little more about these teachers than you did before!