Winter Craft: Sock Snowman!

Sofia DiCicco, staff writer

Make something extraordinary for loved ones! You can learn how to make a Sock Snowman!

Sock Snowman: 

  • Take a (youth-sized) white sock, and fill it with stuffing. Tie at the top with a white rubber band, leaving about 2 inches of sock out and un-fluffed. 
  • Next, put white rubber bands around your sock, until it has 3 layers like a snowman (big, medium, small). 
  • Third, use puffy paint to make a carrot nose, coal eyes, and a cal mouth on your snowman. 
  • Now, either cut the top of a colored sock, or take a piece of colored yarn (long enough to wrap around your sock twice). This will be your scarf. 
  • Tie (or wrap) your scarf around the neck (between the third and second sections) of your snowman. If you want, you can add fringe at the end.
  • Finally, get any color (s) of food coloring (or tie-die), and gently put it in the section of un-fluffed sock that you left out of the snowman’s body until it is completely covered. Let dry 1-2 days. Lastly, fold this section over the head of your snowman, just above its eyes. This is the hat!

Enjoy your snowman buddy!