QVMS Covid Weddings

Charlotte Liao, staff writer

     The COVID-19 pandemic has made some very dramatic changes to all of our lives. It has changed the way our schools are run, closed down businesses, and so much more. But one change that we may not always think about is the change in weddings held during this crisis. Here at QV, some of our staff has experienced this change firsthand. So, what are some of the positives and negatives that our own teachers and administrators have faced in planning or throwing their COVID weddings? 

     A lot of us have canceled plans with our close family and friends to slow the spread of COVID-19. At Mrs. Marth’s wedding, her sister wasn’t able to attend for this same reason. “The hardest part for me was not having my baby sister at the wedding. She lives out of state and did not want to take the risk of traveling and possibly bringing the virus,”  said Mrs. Marth. 

     Even though the virus did have negative effects on weddings, there are  still some upsides to getting married during this time! As Mrs. Trombetta said, “Having a COVID wedding definitely made me appreciate our wedding day so much more. It’s easy to lose sight of things when you’re trying to plan the wedding, but COVID really put into perspective that the most important thing was that we were getting married and how much we appreciated all of the people who attended.” COVID has helped us to remember what matters most, and in weddings, this turned out to be a very nice reminder to have.

     It’s hard to plan a wedding, even without the factor of the COVID-19 virus. It becomes much more difficult whenever there are added safety precautions to consider! Miss Mencini, who is currently planning a COVID wedding, said: “I am a big planner, so having a ton of unknown factors has really been hard for me! I have become more flexible and now recognize that nothing is set in stone and there may be a lot of changes as we continue planning.” As COVID changes every day, so do plans, but Miss Mencini’s wedding will undoubtedly be great! 

   There’s one aspect of weddings that’s been especially hard to plan: the venue. Some places have temporarily closed due to the virus, and there are so many safety issues to consider that finding the perfect spot for a wedding is a big challenge! Dr. Baierl experienced problems with her venue. “Our wedding was originally planned for October 2020 at the Heinz History Center. We ended up planning a small ceremony and party afterward at my parent’s lake house in Mercer, PA in August 2020. Choosing the lake house was not difficult but accepting that my original dream wedding would not occur was tough,” she said. It’s hard to change plans, especially for such an important day.

     Although guest lists and plans have changed as a result of the virus, these QV staff members still had some awesome weddings! For example, Mrs. Marth was able to enjoy live music at her wedding! She said: “It was a last minute decision, but one of my favorite parts of the entire day was that we had a guitarist/singer and violinist duo. Both families loved them; we could not believe how many compliments we got on the music. It was such a big hit!” Live music is such a great part of so many weddings, and Mrs. Marth being able to have that on her wedding day is so amazing! 

    These weddings are all great examples of how positive things can still happen during something as tough as the COVID virus. We are so glad that our teachers and administrator here at Quaker Valley were able to have safe, happy, wonderful weddings!