Hiding Home By: Joyce Olawaiye

Joyce Olawaiye


“Great, I’m out of food,” said Haley Kurtile. She sighed and let herself fall on her torn up mattress, “I guess I’m going to have to make more money, somehow.” She mumbled to herself.

That night she went to bed hungry, but you have to learn to do that when you live alone.


Chapter 1

Haley Kurta has many talents, and she is quite clever indeed. She had a decent life before, not all that rich but enjoying everything.She always saw herself different because of one feature of her, on her leg she had one brown spot, according to her mom Haley’s mom she has had it since she was born.

One day at school she placed microphones in all the classrooms  to get all the gossip that goes on (she had been saving up for 8 years). 

Unfortunately, her gossip seeking days are over now. If we go back to about 1 year ago, Haley walked through the school halls with open ears to get the latest scoop, it had always been her dream to become a reporter. That’s why she joined the newspaper club last year. Suddenly, someone slapped her on the back, “Snooping again?”

“Selena! I’m not snooping, I’m investigating, how’d you know?”

“You have that look on your face, you know, that look where it seems like you are about to bite someone.”