Should We Have School Uniforms?

Ty Walliser

It has been a debate for decades about whether or not schools should have customized uniforms. Many movies that take place in a school, such as “School of Rock” and “Clueless” involve students wearing school uniforms. 20% of schools in the USA have school uniforms; However almost all of the schools in Britain require their students to wear uniforms. So, should Quaker Valley Middle School stay the same or should we try a new method where everyone dresses the same every day?

Here are what 2 students at QVMS think.


We should get school uniforms. One of the main reasons why people in middle school are bullied is because of what they wear. If everyone was wearing the same thing, then no one would be teased! Also, school uniforms would be more supportive to the 

school as everyone would help represent their school based on what they are wearing and show school spirit.

—-Emmett Marcotte grade 8


We should not have school uniforms because without school uniforms everyone is able to express themselves. Also, you would buy extra uniforms that you should not buy in the first place. This could cause overspending which is considered a bad consumer right. If our school ended up getting school uniforms, I would be disappointed because everyone would be wearing the same thing, and no one would stand out.

— Bennett Haas Grade 8

So we can say after the debate that both sides have strong and weak points!

What do you think?

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