Need a Cool Idea for a Halloween Costume? Look Here!

Isabella Grundeen

Costume Ideas for Yourself:

  • A VSCO Girl
    • You need an oversized t-shirt, hair scrunchies, a Hydroflask water bottle, Birkenstock’s (or Crocs), biker shorts, and any other item of your choice.
  • An Emoji
    • You need a large piece of cardboard to cut the Emoji shape out of, paint (definitely yellow), elastic used to attach it to you, and any other necessary accessories that match your specific Emoji of choice.
  • Snapchat Filters
    • You need felt paint, felt, jewels and makeup. Use these materials to recreate your favorite Snapchat filter!

Costume Ideas for Yourself and Your Friends:

  • Thing 1 and Thing 2
    • You need a Thing 1 shirt, a Thing 2 shirt, two pairs of blue pants, a wig and any shoes.
  • M&M’s
    • You need a plain shirt that matches an M&M color, an iron-on of the M&M’s logo, and matching skirt or pants to that color.