Are You a Right or a Left Twix?

Maren Webb

Are you a right or left Twix? With Halloween coming around the corner, everyone has their mind set on one thing: candy! What if you were in a piece of candy’s shoes, specifically a Twix? The question is, which one would you be? Right or left? This quiz will show you the truth! 


  1. Right or left? A. Right B. Left
  2. Flowing Caramel or Cascading Caramel? A. Cascade B. Flow
  3. Bathing in Chocolate or being Cloaked in Chocolate? A. Cloaked B. Bathed
  4. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? A. Milk B. Dark
  5. Counter-clockwise or Clockwise? A. Counter-clockwise B. Clockwise
  6. Frozen of Melted candy? A. Melted B. Frozen
  7. Scary or Joyful? A. Scary B. Joyful

If you chose mostly A. You are a Right Twix. If you chose mostly B. You are a Left Twix.