What superhero are you?

Stevin Wallace, Creative Writer

Keep track of your answers as you take this quiz to find out what superhero you are!

#1 Do you do any sort of community service?

  1. Yah, I do all sorts of community service projects!!!

  2. I’ve done some community service…

  3. Nope.

  4. Why would I want to?

#2 Do you get good grades?

  1. Totally! I have all A’s

  2. Depends on the class…

  3. I have around a solid B- in my classes, and I’m proud of it!

  4. No comment.

#3 What main sport do you play?

  1. Soccer or Football

  2. Baseball or Swimming

  3. Other

  4. I don’t pay sports.

#4 Have you ever won an award?

  1. Yup! Tons of ‘em!

  2. I have one or two…

  3. No, but I want one.

  4. No, but I don’t care.

#5 Do you care about others’ opinions of you?

  1. Yes. I don’t want everyone to think poorly of me.

  2. Sometimes I do but for the most part no.

  3. I never care about what others think.

  4. Peoples’ opinions don’t affect me.

#6 What are you really good at doing?

  1. Helping others

  2. Reading/Writing

  3. A Sport

  4. Hiding from people

#7 Lastly, what word speaks to you?

  1. Magic

  2. Pride

  3. Life-changing

  4. Forbidden


If you Chose Mostly:

  1. – You’re Superman!

  2. – You’re Wonder Woman!

  3. – You’re Bat Man!

  4. – You’re Ant Man!