Tips and Tricks to Raising Chickens

Tips and Tricks to Raising Chickens

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

For those who raise chickens or raising chickens in the future, here is a little helpful guide.

Nine of the best egg-laying chicken breeds: 

  1. Rhode Island Red
  2. Leghorn

3. Sussex

4. Plymouth Rock

5. Ancona

6. Barnevelder

7. Hamburg
8. Marans
9. Buff Orpington

Each one of these chickens lays a large amount of fresh eggs that you can harvest by the end of the week.

Tip: Have too many eggs? Cook the yolk and feed it to the chickens! Let the eggshell dry and then crumple it up and re-feed it to the chickens. Both the yolk and the egg provide an extra source of protein for the chickens. Add some veggies and/or fruits to the mix to make a nice snack for the chickens. It may sound silly, but if it’s the winter no bugs will be out, so the eggshell and yolk will serve as their protein.