“And Justice for All”

Lilli Taft, Guest Writer

Equality is to Equity as a square is to a rectangle

partly The truth yet not totally the same

Equality is the suffocating conclusion

used to force everyone into a role

Equity is still the rectangle

the Truth that makes sense

the Truth that separates the sheep from the wolves

when forced into a tree can a fish climb down?

or does it fail, only earning the thought of being dumber than the rest?

Equity asks not for the weak to assume the goals of the strong

but instead asks only of what is needed to bring balance

true justice, an idea praised by the Eagle

but forgotten for the People

and when the people cry for Justice

and beg for security

where does Justice appear?

in the pockets of the rich?

in the arms of the strong?

or in the hands of the most needing of Justice?