A Look Back: QVMS Hockey vs. Greater Latrobe


Ben Collins, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 25, Quaker Valley lost to Greater Latrobe 6-5. NickStraka made 13 saves on 19 shots, and Connor Keddie made 10 saves on 15 shots. Luke Flowers scored once, John McHenry scored twice, Ben Carlson scored once, and Hannah Fetterolf scored once.

Although this counted as a loss in the books, this game felt like more of a victory to QVMS. We were 0-2, and Greater Latrobe was one of two undefeated teams. This is the closest a team has come to beating them, and we came so close to beating them it could’ve put a huge stain on their record.

We played as a team. Our defense still needed improvement, but as a whole we played a lot better. Most of our plays were still just breakaways, but we played much more of the game outside the defensive zone. This was one of the largest steps forward for the team, and if this trend continues, then we might be able to rise above the competition and bring home a Penguin Cup.

The area of most improvement for our playing style continues to be the passing. We had a decent amount of good passes, but I still saw that we didn’t get some passes that would’ve really helped us.