7th Grade Social Studies: Democracy vs. Communism

Ty Walliser, Staff Writer

In 7th grade social studies class, students learned about the Cold War.  As part of this unit, students completed a debate on whether the United States should continue having a democracy or become communists.  During the “Red Scare” in the Cold War, many people feared becoming communists. As part of this debate, people chose their opinion side then Mr. Wolovich and Mr. Sheffield balanced the teams to ensure the sides were even.  Students did research and prepared for the debate.

Based on our studies, there are two main reasons why communism and democracy are different. First, in democracy, private owners own businesses and in communism the central government owns businesses. Second, in democracy, everyone earns their own individual cash or capital value, and in communism, society aims to put everyone at an equal cash or capital value.  

After the debate, I interviewed 20 students about whether communism or democracy is better. Fourteen people said democracy. Five people had extreme disagreement about communism. Six said they would prefer communism for “minor” reasons.  These results overall support that most people would like to keep democracy as it is used in the United States today.