8th Grade Science Projects

Hope Linge, Staff Writer

As QVMS rolls into December, the 8th grade science projects are in full swing. Ms. Bruno’s Period 1 and 3 classes have been working on these long-term projects since September, but now they are really starting to kick off.

The students are now on deadline six of ten which is probably the most exciting deadline. All of the students have worked very hard to do two pages of background research, hypothesize, make data tables, and that is only the beginning. All of the preparation has been done, and now the scientists have until holiday break to actually conduct their experiment. Every 4000 level student is doing their own experimental design project, and it can be anything they want. One student is doing an experiment on whether music affects word memorization, others are doing experiments on plant growth, and still others are doing things with chemical reactions. Ms. Bruno reports, “I am very excited to see how people tie personal interests to their experiment. Everyone has worked so hard, and I am excited to see the results.”

Ten students have chosen to, in addition to presenting the final product to their classmates, take their results a step further. Ms. Bruno has presented all of the students with an opportunity to go to the PJAS (Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science) competition, and present their experiment with the chance to win cash prizes. There are more students attending this year than ever before. One of the students that is planning on attending, Keira Currier, who is doing her experiment on how music is affecting mood, says, “I am very excited for this opportunity, and especially at the idea of winning prizes.”