Video Game Reviews: Vex 3 & Don’t Starve

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

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Vex 3

A parkour game, with your character jumping across platforms that move. Wall jump and grab onto the corners. Duck under spikes and swim through the saws. Dodge throwing stars and slide like you never have before. This game is perfect for those of you that like harder games to master and quick time jumps and slides. Watch out for ice and spinning blades, and watch as your only exit is covered by a spinning saw. Fall off the map and hit the ground, get cut and sliced, and rage.


Don’t Starve

In this game, you’re tricked into a crazy world filled with feral hounds, large spiders, and huge giants. Find berry bushes and carrots, then create spears to attack bigger creatures, like hounds and spider warriors. Farm spiders and bees to create sewing machines, bee boxes, nets, and other useful items. (Warning: this game is a trial and error game. You will die A LOT before you understand most of it.) Have you explored all of the top world? There is an underground! Because of all of the randomly generated structures, the unexplored part of the world is always a surprise to the player. Find pig villages, statues, clockwork enemies, and much more. Download some extra gameplay that adds new bosses, items, and even multiplayer!