Bongo Cat Meme

Bongo Cat Meme

Sarah Johnson and Claire Edwards

Sarah: So today we are doing the meme that can be loved by anyone.


Sarah: Back in May, the web artist @StrayRogue posted a GIF of a cat on their Twitter feed. The GIF, only two frames long, showed a cat smacking a table with deadpan intensity. It was very cute.

Claire: The Bongo Cat has grown into a video meme all its own. One in which video artists try to one-up each other with cute videos of the cat playing music.

Sarah: Some people have been really creative with the way they used the meme, actually, the fan-made songs are some of my favourites.


Sarah: It’s the wholesome meme we have been waiting for.

Claire: I give it a 828 bongo cats out of 5 bongo cats.

Sarah: Agreed it is the cutest cat ever. Sorry Spider. (that is my cat) It kinda reminds me of when nyan cat was popular.

Claire: Bongo cat can be found in many different meme songs and memes such as Africa, Fornite, the mii channel theme, and Spooky scary skeletons.

Sarah: (-.-)

Claire: Well I think this is a good place to end it .

Sarah: I hope you enjoyed this meme review on the AMAZING BONGO CAT!!