Hallway Inspiration

Shawna Smith, Staff Writer

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While you are walking between classes, you may notice large stickers of words, such as “create” or “explore” on the walls around the hallways. These stickers were made in the Makerspace by three eighth graders: Eric Weicht, Reann McCracken, and myself, Shawna Smith.

Photo by Shawna Smith

We were all in Mr. Forrest’s tutorial in the first quarter. For a while, he had us doing odd jobs around the library and not really working on any long-term projects. But one day, he came to the three of us with a request from Dr. Mooney and Ms. McGuirk: to make vinyl stickers to put around the hallway. The stickers are all one/a few words (create, explore, teamwork, inspire, fail forward, and choose kindness) long.

Photo by Shawna Smith

We spent almost every tutorial for a while making them. To do so, we had to learn how to program and operate the vinyl cutter in the Makerspace. We also had to measure the walls wherever we were going to put the stickers and actually stick them to the walls.

When I asked a few seventh graders what they thought of the stickers, most of them said that they hadn’t really noticed them at first. But when they did notice them, they thought that they were really cool.

Overall, we had a lot of fun doing this and we all miss the class already. We are very proud of our work.