Breaking News: Two Teachers are Now Related!

Ty Walliser, Staff Writer

Two teachers are now related.

Seventh and eighth grade French teacher Mr. Truchan recently told his 1st period class that he is now related to another teacher, sixth and seventh grade math teacher Miss Bell. They even teach right across the hall from each other.  What a coincidence, or quelle coincidence!

Miss Bell’s brother married Mr. Truchan’s wife’s cousin on September 29, 2018.  After Miss Bell discovered that Mr. Truchan would be at the wedding earlier this summer, she said, “I was very excited but sad I had to wait all summer to see him.”

Both Mr Truchan and Miss Bell were at the wedding and had a great time. Mr. Truchan said the reception was the best wedding reception he has ever attended.   When it was dance time, Miss Bell taught Mr. Truchan how to do a dance called the fly trap.