Which Hamilton Character Are You?

Stevin Wallace, Creative Writer

Which Hamilton Character Are You?

(keep track of your answers)

Which Hamilton Song is Your Fave?

  1. Schuyler Sisters
  2. You’ll Be Back
  3. Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story
  4. Aaron Burr Sir

Which Character Would you Want to Meet?

  1. Peggy
  2. George Washington
  3. Maria Reynolds
  4. Jefferson

Which Hamilton Song Matches your Life Right now the Best?

  1. Non-Stop
  2. Wait for it
  3. Helpless
  4. Hurricane

What Do you do in Your Free Time?

  1. Whatever I feel like
  2. Play on my Device
  3. Chill With my Friends
  4. Play a Sport

Have You Ever Seen Hamilton?

  1. YES! I’ve seen it like a million times!
  2. No, but I want to see it.
  3. Yah! I saw it once!
  4. No, but I don’t care.

When you Listen to Hamilton Songs, do you Sing Out Loud?

  1. Yes, totally!
  2. Yah, when I’m alone.
  3. Depends on the situation…
  4. Never.

Do you Think that Aaron Burr is a Villian?

  1. Umm… YAH! He literally killed Hamilton!
  2. Yeah, I guess
  3. No, not really.
  4. Definitely not! Hamilton was begging to be killed!

On a Scale of 1 to 1o, How Obsessed are you With Hamilton?

  1. 8-10, I’m SOOOO obsessed!
  2. 6-7, It’s an awesome musical.
  3. 4-5, It’s good
  4. 1-3, It’s not my Fave.

If You Chose Mostly:

  1. – You’re Angelica. You’re Smart, quick-witted, and are known to speak your mind. You are always there for your friends, and people appreciate you for your humor and intelligence.
  2. – You’re Alexander Hamilton. You’re brave, strong, and are known to take risks. You like to live life to its fullest, and people appreciate you for your loyalty and courage.
  3. – You’re Eliza. You’re wise, generous, and are known to bring a smile to anyone’s face. You like to help others before helping yourself, and people appreciate you for your kindness and helpfulness.
  4. – You’re Aaron Burr. You’re patient, resourceful, and are known to get what you want. You like to always try to do your best, and people appreciate you for your creativity and determination.