Book Review: Different Seasons

Book Review: Different Seasons

Malachi Muzichuck, Staff Writer

Different Seasons is a hypnotic collection of four novellas from Stephen King bound together by the changing of seasons, each taking on the theme of a journey with strikingly different tones and characters.  The stories told within this book are: “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption,” “Apt Pupil,” “The Body,” and “The Breathing Method.”

“The wondrous readability of his work, as well as the instant sense of communication with his characters, are what make Stephen King the consummate storyteller that he is.” – Houston Chronicle

Genre:  Horror, Fiction, Short-Stories, Thriller

Pages:  527

Author:  Stephen King

Is it a series?  No, it is not a series but there are four short stories within the book.

I enjoyed the book very much.   My favorite short story in the book is “The Body.”  It tells a coming of age story about four boys in a small town in Castle Rock, Maine who go on a hike to find the dead body of a missing child.  The story was made into a movie by the name “Stand By Me” which came out in 1986.

WARNING: This book has swearing and adult themes.  It is not appropriate for all readers. Please be sure to check with your parents before reading!