Humans of QVMS: Mia Perel – 8th grade soloist at the chorus concert

Mareena Musser, Staff Writer

Mia Perel – 8th grade soloist at chorus concert

You must know that my performance at the concert was my first time singing in front of a group of people. As you can imagine I was nervous, but it was an amazing time in the end. I basically got started singing because I was beginning to learn instruments like ukulele and guitar. Plus I’ve always loved to sing in the car of course. Otherwise, before now singing has not been a very big part of my life.

Because I’ve not had very many experiences with singing I have to say that my solo at the concert is my favorite memory of singing. The group of people I did the performance with were wonderful and so helpful, most of them had sung in front of people before and understood how hard it was.

I’m sure I will continue to sing over the summer with my sister and on my own for fun and when I practice instruments. Music is a really important in my life, and I’m so happy I got to have the experience of being in the solo for the concert. I love singing and playing my instruments so I don’t plan on stopping.

My other activities include, of course my instruments and athletics which has been track for the season but now will most likely move onto soccer in order to get ready for high school. I’m a huge nerd (if you couldn’t already tell from my glasses) so reading and writing, mostly poetry, are also favorite pastimes of mine.