Video Game Review: Cat Mario

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

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Ah…I remember playing this when I was around 8. I couldn’t figure out this was supposed to be a troll game, nor figure out how to get to the next level. Time to do this game all over again. A trap here, a trap there…you will die over and over again, but you have unlimited lives, so don’t worry. Goombas are not goombas but white egg things, and most mushrooms are a troll. The level layout is mostly like the original mario, but with the constant trap or troll. Falling bricks, troll mushrooms or stars, unkillable eggs, invisible blocks in random places… yeah, this game has it all. Here’s a tip: jump OVER the flag, unless you like being fried by a yellow laser conjured by the flagpole. If you don’t jump over the flag, a ghost will fall from the top of the screen and kill you right before you reach the castle. Even the clouds will kill you (sometimes) or random blocks will have spikes. Thankfully, there are checkpoints here and there…if you can make it that far. Something pop out of a pipe? There could be another. Rapid growth mushrooms that make you so big you crash through the floor? If two blocks fall from the ceiling, there might be another. So much to look forward to. I wonder how everyone else is going to win this…slow and steady, trial and error, cautious, or my personal favorite…RUSH IT!