Video Game Review: Castle War

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

This game is a card game where you fight either the enemy player or the person you’re playing with by attacking or building your castle. Having to reach 100 castle height or completely demolishing the other’s castlewi the game. A player uses magic, weapons, and building bricks to help defend and attack: Gems are magic, created by wizards, weapons are created by soldiers, and blocks are created by builders. In my opinion, the gems are the best, because they can conjure bricks, weapons, and even more gems. Summon overpowered things like banshees, S.W.A.T teams, and catapults. And, yes, there are dragons. In fact, I just used one. Oh, yay, I won! 100 castle height. Hard, though, because the NPC uses riders and knights to break the castles down, so a player uses fences to keep them at bay. Of course, as there are low castle hit points, they just use a fort to add +20 points to their castle. Joke’s on them, though, because their fence is down! And this next win is going to take awhile….