Scythe: Book Review

Scythe: Book Review

Miralhi Taylor-Martin, Staff Writer

Rowan and Citra are kids who blend into the background. Until one fateful day when they are chosen to be an apprentice to a Scythe. Scythes are bringers of death in this time, for death has been conquered. Neither of these teens want this role, which qualifies them for the job right away.  Rowan and Citra train hard throughout their apprenticeship. When the annual meeting of Scythes comes, Rowan and Citra face testing. Could this apprenticeship cost them their lives? Read Scythe to find out.

Genre- Sci Fi, Mystery, Adventure

Pages- 443

Who should read it?- Anyone who likes The Hunger Games, Divergent, or The Giver

Author- Neal Shusterman

Is it a series?- Yes! There are two  books with a third one on its way in 2019

I enjoyed this book a lot as a big fan of books like these, but this book was different. It wasn’t the same old same old. Shusterman does an amazing job with this book, and there are some epic plot twist that I wasn’t expecting! I would definitely suggest this book to everyone