Achievement Unlocked 1

Achievement Unlocked 1

Achievement Unlocked 1

Koll Severson, Staff Writer

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Achievement Unlocked 1 is a free online Puzzle & Skill Game. P.S: The space bar does literally nothing.

Basically, you are a blue elephant trying to unlock all the achievements you can. Throw yourself into spikes, find secret hideouts and numbers (to help you unlock more achievements, of course), and try to complete all the achievements on your list. It’s not as easy as its sounds, okay? There are 99 total achievements to get, and some are really long or hard. Very annoying, too, but addicting nevertheless.

You might be wondering, How do I get some of these achievements? You have to be a few grades higher or be smarter to figure THIS out: (2° 125)+3. Apparently, you have to touch numbers in a certain order for that. I randomly got one by touching five than four. Game logic, am I right? Anyways, to unlock “I can count to Five!”….well….I was so dumb on this one…Gah! It was so obvious when it happened. Push the numbers from the order 1-2-3-4-5. Boom. That’s it it.

How do I do this one-?

You know what? I’ll end it here. I’m not going to try to complete it. No more wasting my time on this game – oh, 80%! I guess a few more achievements couldn’t hurt…