Stranger than Fanfiction Book Review

Stranger than Fanfiction Book Cover, Amazon.

Stranger than Fanfiction Book Cover, Amazon.

Mareena Musser, Staff Writer

Stranger than Fanfiction


Chris Colfer

Number of Pages: 295

Cash Carter is a famous young adult, of the hit show Wiz Kids. A fan jokingly invites him on a cross-country road trip with him and his three best friends, and Cash oddly accepts. Cash learns about each character through the story. The characters slowly learn more about their favorite actor and discover he isn’t who they thought he was. The journey helps them get through ups and downs and teaches them to be more flexible. The friends develop everlasting friendships, all thanks to Cash.

Cash guides each character through a struggle of their own in the book, he helps each character accept themselves and each other in different ways. The book talks about real-time events and can be helpful for teens with the same struggles.

I recommend this book to teens and young adults that like realistic fiction books. If you like John Green, you will love this book. This book is great because of the realistic topics and situations it brings up. The characters are so well developed and the storyline is so well written. This is a great book for teens.