The Quaker Valley Walkout

Students who walked out of classes on March 14 formed a circle on the QVMS football field.

Students who walked out of classes on March 14 formed a circle on the QVMS football field.

Keira Currier, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 14, about 150 students walked out of classes at Quaker Valley Middle School at 10:00 a.m. to protest current gun laws and remember the 17 students who were killed in Florida on February 14. While the walkout raised a lot of awareness and honored the students who passed away, there is so much more that we can do to help prevent school shootings. The school shootings are not acceptable, but changing gun laws is not going to stop people from somehow obtaining guns and using them in schools. Eliminating shootings starts with school environments and peers.

Students who walked out of classes on March 14 formed a circle on the QVMS football field.

Everything starts with the mentality. Students and adults who attack schools with weapons were most likely treated badly, or have experienced tragic events, with nobody to support them through difficult times. Nikolas Cruz, the shooter in Florida legally purchased the AR-15 he used to kill the 17 students in a school he formerly attended. Seeing as the semiautomatic weapon was legally purchased, gun laws are not the source of the shooting problem. Nikolas Cruz was adopted when he was very young by Roger and Lynda Cruz. Roger Cruz died years ago and Lynda Cruz died much more recently, from an illness. His mother’s death caused Nikolas’ last few years of high school to be filled with trouble. While the strange behavior started before the death of Lynda, Nikolas’ peers may have been the cause. Nikolas was said to be a smaller kid who suffered because of peer bullying. Nikolas was disrespected and unsupported. Maybe, if Nikolas had someone who helped him through tough times, he would not have taken the lives of 17 high school students in Florida.

Peers and circumstances are not the only causes of the lives lost in Florida or any other school shootings. Some people have mental illness or conditions that make them believe that violence is acceptable. However, the environment does play a huge role on those who resort to violence. You never know what is going through somebody’s head, especially if they are feeling neglected, unloved, and alone. Just by going up to somebody who is sitting alone at lunch or talking to somebody who never has anybody to talk to can stop something from spiraling out of control. Just having a shoulder to cry on can help a person who is in the lowest time of their life. You may think that a person who sits by his or herself is weird, but that person may have just suffered a huge loss.  There are endless possibilities to why that person may have separated themselves from the rest of the world. By entering yourself back into that person’s world, you can save him or her. You can save that person from a life of misery and darkness. You can save that person from hurting others. You never know the weight that someone is carrying on their shoulders.

You can never know what a person’s life is at home, but, chances are, you know at least some of what his or her school life is like. If you see someone being bull

ied or made fun of, speak up. Bullying can make anybody feel worthless and like an outcast. Standing up for someone not only saves him or her from humiliation, but it shows the person that there is someone who cares about his or her well being. Having somebody to trust can lift someone from the depths of his or her their own self-doubt. You can prevent that person from resorting to violence.

In conclusion, gun laws are not what need to be changed. What needs to change is the people. Human interaction is what keeps the world turning. But, without positive human interaction, the world would be filled with loads of bad people and nobody would be happy. Everybody deserves to be happy. You can help someone be happy through one act of kindness. Making a person happy can end a threat to other’s lives. Making a person happy can possibly eliminate school shootings. So, why not make a person happy and change a life for the better?