QVHS Presents Seussical the Musical

Mareena Musser, Staff Writer

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Seussical 2017 cast photo

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss

On March 17, 2018, I was lucky enough to see the amazing performance of Seussical the Musical, presented by the Quaker Valley High School. The show is Dr. Seuss stories and characters put together to create a fantastic show.

Show rehearsal with Eliza Rooney, Jillian Umstead, Lexi Amato, Alessia Burns, and Olivia Mcmullan.

The cast, made up of all grades in the high school, was extremely talented. Each cast member made his or her character unique and exciting.

The hardest part about this musical would have to be all of the improv bits that came with being the Cat in the Hat. Because it’s improvisation, the jokes and bits were left for me to create! Though many of my lines could be found in the script, a few of my monologues were written by me!” says senior John Pugh.

“Mayzie was so fun to play because we are nothing alike. It was fun to be flashy and manipulative with no consequences,” says Olivia Albert, QVHS senior.

The cast all had different favorite things about playing their character. Some loved getting to be a different person through their character, and others loved the things they got to do as their character.

My favorite part about playing my character was getting to do round-offs off of the platform,” says Chris Mesko, senior. Along with his “favorite part of being a Wickersham Brother was that we got to perform really fun songs and have really cool choreography,” says Joseph Stater, who also played a Wickersham Brother.

Dress rehearsal with Chris Mesko, Jillian Umstead, and Joseph Stater.



The cast all agreed that they were like a second family to each other, stating,The hardest part is definitely saying goodbye to this show. I love these people with my entire heart and I know that my day isn’t going to be nearly as b

right without seeing them everyday,” says junior Cole Russoniello.

“The best part of being in the musical this year was the family that I became a part of. I have been in shows where I never got the chance to know my castmates, but this year was extremely special to me. We worked as a unit and grew to love each other throughout the entire process. I have never met so many people with such big hearts. Getting to be a part of something bigger and sharing a passion with all of them was so rewarding and wonderful,” agreed junior Ruby Sevcik. The cast was a group of people that could make anyone smile.The cast solely agreed Cole Russoniello and John Pugh were the funniest members of the cast.


“The person who always makes me laugh is John Pugh,” says Evan Monski, who played a Wickersham Brother.


Showtime! Alessia Burns, Eliza Rooney, Lexi Amato, Jillian Umstead, and Chris Mesko.

“The funniest person in the cast is most definitely Cole R, who played Horton. He never fails to put a smile on my face,” says junior Gabi Saladino, who played Jojo.

When asked who would play them in a movie, I got some great responses.

“If my life was a movie, I would be played by someone freakishly attractive, of course… Probably Timothée Chalamet or something, hehe :P,” says John Pugh (Cat in the Hat).

Time to go with Eliza Rooney, Alessia Burns, Jillian Umstead, Lexi Amato, and Olivia Albert.

“If my life was a movie, I would hope to be able to play myself (gotta dream big to be big!), but seeing as that probably won’t happen, I would love to see maybe Barbra Streisand or maybe Meryl Streep to play me,” says Cole Russoniello (Horton).

If my life was a movie, I would want to be played by someone cool, like Meryl Streep(obviously later in life haha!),” says senior Katie Rostek, who played Gertrude McFuzz.

While some people couldn’t see a celebrity playing them, Joseph Stater says that “If my life was a movie, I really do not know who would play me. I don’t really know of any actors who look similar to me.”


I also had the seniors say something about this being their last show. The result was some very thoughtful answers.


 Pugh (The Cat in the Hat): “With this being my last performance, I am feeling very nostalgic. I remember seeing Seussical when I was little, and thinking the actors in it were like 50 years old…now I’m that 50 year old. It’s weird.”

Chris Mesko (Wickersham Brother):  “I’m very grateful for being apart of this cast. I’ve watched them all grow and it had been the best experience I’ve had in my high school career. I’m sad that it is over, but I am so proud of everyone. We really put on an amazing show because of how hard everyone worked. “

Olivia Albert (Mayzie La Bird): “Seussical was an amazing senior show. I’ve never been in a more successful show. I made so many new friends and it was just a really great experience.”

All the Whos in Whoville!

Katie Rostek (Gertrude McFuzz): “Out of all of the years of school, the high school years are so important. All I have to say about my last high school show is that I adore my cast, I’ve had such a fun time in Seussical and I will certainly miss it, and the BEST thing that anyone who wants to have a good high school experience is get involved in something, anything. Musical, Marching Band, choir, sports, QV Voice, Student Council, anything. I urge every up coming freshman to get involved in any way that you can!”