Time Magazine Article Review: Trump’s Immigration Policy

Brahm Gianiodis, Staff Writer

This week’s Time article, “‘No One is Safe’: How Trump’s Immigration Policy is Splitting Families Apart” by Haley Sweetland Edwards, is about how Trump’s administration is making stricter immigration laws.  According to the article, many undocumented Mexican immigrants are arrested without notice by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE agents who are “staking out” undocumented immigrants. They make it hard for families to run errands because they are usually at plazas with grocery stores.  Crime-free men and woman without a scratch on their record are under pursuit from the police and other agencies. Arrests have increased by 30%, although deportations have decreased by 7%. Meaning more immigrants are going to jail instead of their home country. Time says that young children are almost fully aware of what could happen to them if their parents are deported.  Jeff Sessions, who is the Attorney General, is with Trump and is happy about the change. Despite the president’s rants about how “all Mexican illegal immigrants are criminals,” 26% of the people arrested ICE agents in 2017 were non-criminals compared to the only 14% in 2016. The 2018 immigration “crackdown” has left many people with different feelings: some Americans might feel frustrated due to exaggerated stereotypes of immigrants; the deported and their families feel despair; people who fear deportation feel anxiety.