Video Game Review: Kirby

Video Game Review: Kirby

Koll Severson & Sarah Johnson, Staff Writers


Koll: Once you get in the game, you’ll notice (As you walk forward) that there are various enemies. Suck them up into your mouth, then spit them out as a star to destroy other enemies and star blocks.

Sarah: Kirby is always hungry, and he can inhale various enemies that stand in his way. When he does, he can take on their abilities. And when he’s not battling baddies, you’ll find Kirby enjoying a nice nap or a hearty meal.

Koll: Also, you’ll notice that you can swallow them too, and some enemies give you a power if you swallow them. For example, there are spikes, fire, electricity, bomb, ice, noise, explosion, bell, and many more.

Sarah: I just finished playing through Kirby’s Return to Dreamland this week. It’s a fun entry in the series, a much better one than the previous Wii outing Kirby’s Epic Yarn. One of the best parts of Kirby is seeing all the powers he can gain by sucking up and swallowing enemies.  Some of my five favorites from Return to Dreamland are Ultra Sword, Wing, Leaf, Fighter, and Water.