Video Game Review: Five Night at Freddy’s

Video Game Review: Five Night at Freddy's

Koll Severson & Sarah Johnson, Staff Writers

Guest edition

Koll: Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a game review. So I’m back, and I’m with a guest to explain it with me. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a basic horror game, with jumpscares that get scarier as games progress.

Sarah: The lure of this game is it is dark and deep. First the FAN, the scariest part of the game. #nooneexpectsthefantobethemurderer


Koll: In the first game, the characters are a bunny named Bonnie, a chicken named Chica, a bear named Freddy, and a Fox named Foxy. There is also a secret animatronic named Golden Freddy. Literally a golden version of Freddy.

Sarah: Don’t forget the new characters. Are we going to talk about those?

Koll: Yes. The second game characters get even creepier. There is Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Toy Freddy, and Mangle. Mangle IS the Toy Foxy, although it was destroyed by toddlers. The old animatronics are still there, but are used for spare parts, making them destroyed and old. There is also the Puppet and Balloon Boy. Balloon Boy disables your flashlight, which is used to scare away Foxy and see incoming animatronics. The Puppet cannot be stopped by the Freddy Mask. He can only be stopped by the music box. There are hidden animatronics, too, but those are secrets. Also, there are hidden mini games that lead you to the end of the game.

Sarah: Even though they are toy animatronics, they are still scary.

Koll: There is also a third game. Only one animatronic, Springtrap, is real. The rest are phantoms, that disable your vent blocker, audio, and camera systems. You’re going to have to constantly reboot the systems or risk being killed by Springtrap. 

Sarah: So scary, but I wasn’t scared.

Koll: Now, There is a fourth game. This one is . . . interesting. Very scary. All the animatronics are nightmarish creatures that belong in the underworld. Also, it looks like someone put Springtrap through the washer. He’s really small and his name is Plushtrap. And . . . there is Sister Location.Many new characters. No Freddy, no Bonnie, just newer versions of (almost) all the animatronics. Neat games to play though.