Humans of QVMS: Mrs. Nogay

Keira Currier & Mareena Musser, Staff Writers

Mrs. Nogay:

The Question: Tell us your favorite thing that happened this winter.

Answer: “My favorite thing that happened this winter is not very funny. So I spent the past seven years away from Pittsburgh, so I never had to drive in Pittsburgh snow before. I woke up one Wednesday and my driveway was covered in snow and I mistakenly thought that my Mini Cooper could drive through 4 inches of snow. She could not. So I was all dressed and ready to go for school, and my car couldn’t go up the driveway, so I had go find my shovel and use my shovel for the first time. And… it was very humorous, I remember calling my dad; he was very proud that I shoveled for the first time. Adding salt got the car up the driveway.”